Music Career: How to Make Your Music Hobby Your Career

Music Career: How to Make Your Music Hobby Your Career

Making your hobby into a career is no easy task, especially in the music industry. There aren’t many careers with as high of the risk of failure, and those tend to be pretty competitive too.

Not all musicians become famous overnight, but with enough hard work and dedication to their music career, you may perform in nightclubs or major venues. That said, becoming a professional musician is no easy task; neither is a successful career in the music industry. If you want to become successful in the music industry, however, you need to have the right mindset, learn the proper skills needed, and work hard.

Ask Yourself This – Do You Need to Be a Musician to Have a Music Career?

Music is something we have all experienced in one way or another. Though most of us won’t become famous musicians, music has a deep impact on our lives, and many of us enjoy taking part in it. Music careers are as diverse as the people who start them. While some musicians start out by playing random gigs at small bars, others spend years studying at music conservatories. Music careers can include a variety of jobs, from teaching music to playing live music and music therapy.

So, how can we turn our musical hobby into a career? Well, let’s learn more.

Be Passionate

A music career can be a lifelong dream if you truly love it. For some, their passion fuels them. For others, it inspires them. And for others still, it can be that unseen force that pushes them forward when times get tough. But passion fuels the career, and it can fuel you.

Be Attentive to Your Music

Music careers are exciting, rewarding, and lucrative but can also be challenging, frustrating, and overwhelming. If you’re serious about making this career work, you’ll need to treat it like a business and take care of yourself. Music is a job like any other, and you’ll likely face some unique challenges like any other job. But if you are attentive in all areas, these challenges can be conquered as quickly as they arose.

Know Your Weaknesses

The music industry is extremely competitive, so knowing and understanding your weaknesses and strengths can help you prepare and plan for a successful career in the music industry. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is an integral part of your music career. Knowing your weaknesses will help you avoid making the same mistakes the countless musicians before you have made and if you want to succeed, you must know what these are and work on them as soon as possible. 

Improve Your Skill Set

Musicians should be versatile artists who can perform at all skill levels. While concert musicians focus on learning a piece well, songwriters develop hundreds of songs throughout their careers. Entertainers must perform at a variety of shows, including jazz clubs, sold-out arenas, and family concerts. And instrumentalists perform in ensembles, orchestras, and other chamber groups. All of these can significantly improve your skill set, which will only have a positive effect on your career going forward.

Build Up Your Connections

When it comes to breaking into the music business, networking is just as important as writing songs. In fact, it’s probably the most important part. When you’re starting out, it’s easy to feel like there’s too much competition, and that’s true. But that’s also why it’s important to network. When you do that, you tap into the people that are the strongest players in the music industry and likely the most experienced.

Don’t Be Afraid of Auditions

Being an aspiring musician means you’re likely tired of just playing your instrument or singing alone in your room. You’ve decided you want to perform your art in front of an audience. While there are plenty of places to play shows, most musicians are initially rejected, so it’s important to know how to navigate a music audition. While taking an open mic spot at your local coffee shop might not get you a record deal, it allows aspiring musicians to play in front of an audience, show their skills, and get their names into people’s mouths.

Patience Is a Skillset Too

If you’ve worked hard to hone your musical talents, don’t give it up! Getting to the top takes years of practice, dedication, and determination. Start by jotting down ideas, practicing until you learn them perfectly, and putting together small projects. As you learn new skills and experiences and stay motivated enough to work on them, you’ll grow as a musician and as a person.

Be Consistent

When you perform in front of an audience, it’s your job to entertain them. But there is more to being a successful musician than playing good music. Being a consistent performer is just as important, if not more so, than playing great music. And to keep your audience coming back, you must be committed to your craft.

Music careers are usually ruled by passion and challenging work, so if you’re a musician, ensure you’re prepared for the long haul. When it comes time to search for jobs, you’ll be able to put your skills, experience, and dedication to music to work in any field.

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